Clown, Actor, Theatre Maker

Frank, born in Germany, has lived nearly half his life in the UK. He is a theatre maker, workshop leader, actor, director and modern clown whose interest in performing started as a teenager learning circus skills…

He blames his influential teachers Franki Anderson (Fool) and Guy Dartnell (Voice/Improvisation) for him becoming the professional idiot he is today. Through those teachers, he discovered the joy of performing authentically and in the moment.

Frank’s solo shows (Confetti Maker, Goodybe Gunther, Me Me Me ) have played around the world from Soho Theatre London to the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC (USA) to the Columbian International Clown Festival, Bogotá. He has won awards, sold out at fringe festivals, taught movement at drama schools, devised shows with refugees and has co-produced the most adorable daughter in the world.


Frank graduated with an MA in devised Theatre

from the Central School of Speech and Drama and trained at the Desmond Jones school of mime and physical theatre. Other influential teachers include John Wright, Pierre Byland, Gerry Flanagan, Mick Barnfather, (Clown) Keith Johnstone (Improvisation), Malcolm Manning (Movement)


Frank has devised and performed with companies such as:

Finger in the Pie, Theatre Rites, Fevered Sleep, Travelling Light, Gonzo Moose, Sixth Sense, Fanshen Theatre, Theatre Alibi, Red Herring, Dende Collective, Oily Cart, Theatre Lyngo, Bureau of Silly ideas among others.

He is an associate artist at the Royal and Derngate Northampton.


Frank writes his own theatre shows and performs cabaret and street theatre.

With support from the Arts Council England Frank made three solo shows- ‘Confetti Maker’, ‘Goodbye Gunther’ and ‘ME! ME! ME!’

He is particularly interested in blending anarchic clown play with pathos, tragedy and surreal visual theatre


Comedy Waiter

This interactive mix and mingle act is an ideal icebreaker, creating gentle chaos and laughter. Initially appearing as a professional waiter, the guests soon realise that this is a waiter with a twist. Always trying his best, he serves the wrong food, falls over, drops and juggles plates and knives and gets into even more trouble trying to sort out the mess. Inept cleaning, pest control and bizarre words of wisdom are all part of the service – mayhem for all kinds of occasions: Corporate events, birthdays, weddings and Christmas parties. Frank has years of experience as an actor, clown and improviser. He has learned to walk the line between entertainment and anarchy, always ensuring the joke is on him.


The Confetti Maker

‘The Confetti Maker’ is a day in the life of a full-time confetti factory worker. Full of optimism, he pursues his profession: making confetti; cutting, perforating, shredding – all day, every day – but he has ambitions, dreams and fears far beyond the mundane factory life. Romance … love … family …

‘The Confetti Maker’ is a highly visual piece. It combines slapstick, puppetry, absurd storytelling, improvisation and lots of small bits of paper, which are expertly woven into a humorous, yet poignant show.

Directed by award winning physical theatre director John Wright (Trestle, Told by an Idiot), supported by the Arts Council England and Jackson’s Lane. Suitable for anyone age 8+, show length approx 60mins


Goodbye Günther

Director: John Wright
Sound/Music: Bob Karper
Deviser: Stephen Harper
Goodbye Gunther suitable 10+
Show length: 60mins approximately

A hilarious one man comedy about death. Directed by multi award-winning John Wright.

Winner of the 2013 Mimetic Award

When Günther Obermaier finds out that he has not long left to life, he starts to live his life to the full. We are charmed by his optimism and appalled by his denial. This is a funny and ultimately life-affirming show about death, bizarre and ridiculous but never trivialising its subject matter. We laugh at Günther but we never lose sight of his humanity. A charming mix of physical comedy, pathos, tragedy and utter nonsense.



Director: John Wright
Composer: Bob Karper
AV/light: Arnim Fries
Choreographer: Robin Dingemans
Design: Kate Bunce

Frank Wurzinger and John Wright team up again in the hilarious new clown show, ‘Me! Me! Me!’- a comedic exploration of Echo and Narcissus with a modern twist: Mobile phones, social media, selfie sticks, slapstick, and a huge ego.

Me! Me! Me! includes modern dance, spoken word and an incredible amount of acting. A Tremendous Show. With an Unbelievably Talented Star, who created it all Himself. This Amazing Show Makes Theatre Great Again.

Frank thinks this is the best show ever to be created by a human being. Come and see for yourself!



Confetti Maker

“I laughed long and hard, and felt moved to my core” Remote Goat

“this very funny, physically skilful performance tells us something about ourselves.” British Theatre Guide

Goodbye Gunther

“A hilarious take on impending morality… Clowning is often associated with children’s theatre, but Wurzinger uses the familiar antics as a way to tackle a serious and difficult subject.” The List

“For a show to end in tragedy, it is strange, yet heartening, to leave with a sense of renewed buoyancy.” Broadway Baby


Students say:

“The workshop brought out such sparkle and tenderness from all of us.”

“Great fun overall and he’s a great facilitator… It was surprisingly cathartic and powerful experience.”

“I learned loads and laughed, brillant workshop, embraced the ridiculous…”


Frank has found that one his favourite ways of learning for himself is the passing on of his knowledge to others.

His workshops have a strong emphasis on playfulness, fun and unlocking participants’ creativity. He creates a safe space to allow people to experiment and explore their potential. He has worked with professional actors, community and youth theatre members, prisons and special needs groups. His workshops are influenced by the wishes and needs of the group and include: Play, Clown, Devising, Object-play.

Workshops range from a two-hour taster session to weeklong residential binge clowning.

Organisations he has worked with include:
British Council Washington DC, USA; Drama Studio London, Graeae theatre company, East 15, Birmingham School of Acting, University of Northampton, University of East London (UEL); Pauline Quirk Academy (PQA), Rote Nase Clown theatre.


“Every human being is a clown, but only few have the courage to show it”
Charlie Rivel

This workshop is about finding the pleasure of being ourselves and playing with nothing and everything. The Clown might feel stupid, ridiculous and completely inappropriate- always with a huge sense of pleasure in playing.

We learn that it is okay to make mistakes and fail… the audience love the Clowns for sharing their unique ineptness with them. Our everyday weaknesses turn into the Clown’s strengths. Clowns liberate themselves from the demands of being ‘good’, proper and well behaved. We use a mixture of physical exercices, improvisation games and techniques to create clown theatre. We look at the performer-audience relationship and begin to discover and release our inner idiot.

Physical Theatre and Devising

We learn techniques of physical theatre, tension, rhythm, telling stories with our bodies and creating visual, physical theatre in an ensemble. We use play and object manipulation to devise stories. The starting point may be an image, a song or a story. As devisers we play with the conventional roles of actor, writer, director and designer.


Includes mask making and playing with masks. Devising scenes with masks


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